Options For Full Jaw Restoration

Today more than ever before patients have options when it comes to full jaw restoration. Whether it is an upper jaw restoration or lower jaw restoration, one thing is certain and that is that there are ways to help patients enjoy a better quality of life in this regard. When it comes to full jaw […]

Who Is A Periodontist And What Is Periodontics?

In the simplest of terms a periodontist is a dental care provider specializing in the prevention as well as the diagnosis and treatment of something known as periodontal disease [1]. This type of dental care professional is also expert in placing dental implants when necessary [2]. Along with these important strategies, a periodontist is also […]

How Long Does a Dental Implant Procedure Take?

There are several stages involved in the process of dental implant procedure and having dental implants placed. For example, the first stage in the process usually begins with a thorough examination by your dental care provider [1]. During this time your dental professional will take x-rays and even possibly perform 3D imaging scans. This will […]

How Long Does a Root Canal Therapy Take?

First it is important to understand that root canal treatment is important because it helps to eliminate the pain associated with an infected  tooth root [1]. Your dental care provider or endodontic care professional will typically perform the procedure as quickly as possible as a way to minimize pain and return your mouth back to […]

Why Sedation Dentistry Is Often A Good Choice

Today more than ever before patients have options when it comes to controlling pain during a dental procedure. The good news is that  sedation dentistry has become highly dependable, reliable and safe. Even something as simple as dealing with anxiety has become more effective thanks to modern sedation and other similar methods. Often referred to […]

Bone Grafting, The Basics

A question often arises today when it comes to modern dental care. And that is what exactly is a bone graft? Indeed, this type of procedure is  intended to fix problems with bones or joints. Bone grafting as it relates to dental care is ideal for those who have lost bone mass over the years […]

Orthodontics and Invisalign For Teenagers

Today teenagers are more concerned than ever before when it comes to having an attractive and perfect smile. That is why Orthodontics and Invisalign have become so incredibly popular today.  The advantages of Invisalign are quite substantial indeed. From easier dental hygiene to no limits when it comes to dietary choices, Invisalign is a great […]

Gum Disease, Signs and Diagnosis

It seems that it is more alarming to more people than ever before as far as modern gum disease related issues are concerned. In fact, gum  disease is a serious problem that can have profound and long-lasting effects on people of just about any age. The symptoms of gum disease are quite typical including everything […]

Turn Back The Clock With Full Mouth Reconstruction

The good news for those who have lost a large number of teeth or who have experienced serious dental trauma or disease or injury is that there are solutions available. Full mouth reconstruction offers a more natural looking and beautiful cosmetic final result for patients. Simply stated, full mouth reconstruction can literally turn back the […]