Gum Diseases and Their Effect on Pregnancy

Gum Disease Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant or thinking of having a child should be concerned about gum disease and its effect on pregnancy. In essence, the condition of teeth and gums can have a direct impact on a healthy or not so healthy pregnancy. Research has clearly indicated that women who have gum diseases may have a […]

What are The Different Types of Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a disease that is caused by untreated advanced stages of gingivitis. This disease is the result of bacteria growth that eventually spreads and grows underneath the gum line. It results in irritation caused by toxins that produce chronic inflammatory response. As the disease further progresses it can eventually cause tooth loss. There are […]

Who Is A Periodontist And What Is Periodontics?

In the simplest of terms a periodontist is a dental care provider specializing in the prevention as well as the diagnosis and treatment of something known as periodontal disease [1]. This type of dental care professional is also expert in placing dental implants when necessary [2]. Along with these important strategies, a periodontist is also […]

Gum Disease, Signs and Diagnosis

It seems that it is more alarming to more people than ever before as far as modern gum disease related issues are concerned. In fact, gum  disease is a serious problem that can have profound and long-lasting effects on people of just about any age. The symptoms of gum disease are quite typical including everything […]

Periodontal Diseases and Pregnancy

Not surprisingly, overall dental health including the concern for periodontal disease can have a direct impact on the health and vitality of an  unborn baby. That is why it is so important to fully understand the relationship between periodontal disease and its impact on pregnancy. As most people know during pregnancy it is essential for […]