Dental Implants Can Make All The Difference

People often ask with the advantages of dental implants are for overall oral health and dental wellness. In fact, dental implants offer many advantages that should be looked at carefully

Invisalign vs Braces, What You Need to Know

Straightening crooked teeth is a major concern especially when talking about young children who are still in the developmental stages. Dental braces have traditionally provided excellent results when it comes

Understanding the Full Jaw Restoration Process

Full jaw restoration is sometimes referred to as full mouth restoration, and is an important type of dental procedure that can help restore an individual’s smile and oral functionality. This

Invisalign and its Many Benefits

Enjoying straight and truly attractive teeth is easier today than ever before. While braces have historically been an excellent option as a way to straighten teeth, Invisalign has quickly grown

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Dr. Darvish in CDA House of Delegates

This weekend, Dr. Darvish, the Dentist in Walnut Creek was at CDA House of Delegates. CDA stands for California Dental Association and Dr. Darvish of Walnut Creek Dental was Delegate