What are your options for tooth replacement?
Dental Crown

What are your options for tooth replacement?

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) states that 92% of adults aged between 20-64 suffer from tooth decay. The number of adults having missing teeth is even greater

Crowns or Caps – Know the Basics

Whether they are called crowns or caps, the concept is the same in that a crown is simply a prosthetic type of treatment that helps to improve a patient’s functionality

Understanding Dental Crowns Basics

Dental crowns have a long and proven history when it comes to helping patients enjoy greater functionality and improved outward appearance. A dental crown is a restoration type of treatment

Walnut Creek Dentist Talk; Dental Crowns

A dental crown refers to a cap that is tooth shaped. It is usually placed over teeth. It is used to cover a tooth, improve its appearance and restore its

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