Full Jaw Restoration: All-On-Four Vs Denture

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Full Jaw Restoration: All-On-Four Vs Denture

A common question that is frequently asked is whether all on four or dentures are the better option for a full jaw restoration. As many people might already know all on four type dentures are simply dentures that are permanently attached to the jaw by way of four dental implants. Conversely, traditional dentures simply rest right on the gums and are not secured in any way other than with adhesive. With traditional dentures there is always the concern that dentures may slip, fallout or shift and slide. In addition, traditional dentures may alter the taste of food because they cover certain areas of the mouth where taste buds are located.

There Are Clear Benefits Of All On Fours

One advantage to all on fours is that it can be done rather quickly while with traditional dentures it may take several months for tooth removal and completion of the process. Even with all on fours it may take several weeks of preparation prior to surgery before the procedure can be complete. That said there are clear benefits of all on fours as compared to traditional dentures. All on fours act more like natural teeth and can be cleaned and cared for in the same way. Best of all, all in fours do not have to be removed each night for cleaning the same way that traditional dentures must be removed.

Talking And Other Routine Activities Are More Natural
Talking And Other Routine Activities Are More Natural

In addition, with all-on-4s there is a far less likely a chance that dentures will slip or fallout. In other words all-on-4s dentures are securely fastened via dental implants meaning that they function more like real teeth. Eating, drinking, talking and other routine activities are more natural when opting for all-on-fours type teeth replacement options. With so much to offer it is clear to see why full jaw restoration using all on 4s is the best option for most patients. Consult with your Walnut Creek dentist, Dr. Darvishadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information.

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