Root Canal Therapy

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The advent of root canal therapy has allowed teeth that might otherwise have been extracted to remain useful for many years and even decades. Root canal therapy is most effective for a tooth that has become infected in the innermost portion of the structure. In other words, the pulp and the nerves located in the center of the tooth have become infected to the point where root canal treatment is necessary. Keep in mind that if an infection in the inner part of the tooth is allowed to remain eventually it works its way out of the tip of the root of the tooth and into the jawbone and surrounding tissue.

All The Infection Has Been Thoroughly Removed

With root canal treatment, the infected pulp and nerve fiber can be removed allowing for placement of a permanent inert material that effectively fills the tooth and allows the tooth to remain fully functional. One of the most important aspects of root canal treatment is to make sure that all the infection has been thoroughly removed from the roots prior to placing the inert material. Once this has been accomplished and the tooth has effectively been filled a final restoration can be placed. Whether it is a crown or some other type of final restoration the end result is a fully functional and natural looking tooth.

Keeping The Tooth Intact

With so much to offer root canal therapy is one of the most important aspects of modern dentistry. It is important to note that any time a natural tooth can be saved it is well worth the effort. This is largely in part due to the fact that by keeping the original tooth in its socket bone mass will not degrade over time. Keeping the tooth intact also helps surrounding teeth and the overall dental health and wellness of the patient. With a very high success rate and virtually no pain thanks to sedation and anesthesia, root canal therapy is one of the smartest dental procedures that anyone can consider today. Contact your dentist in Walnut Creek, Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental for more information on root canal therapy.