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After a long- very negative- relationship with "no dentist" in my life, brought on by very painful and just bad dentistry! I finally got to a point where I could no longer go without treatment. All I wanted was to have all the dam teeth pulled and leave me alone. Very nervous, trepidatious. and feeling quite lost- I decided to take a huge leap and let my fingers do the walking through the yellow pages. I found Walnut Creek Dental and Dr. Darvish. Long story short- his demeanor, strong professionalism and one DARN great staff- captured and tamed my fears and broke down the walls that stopped me from getting the true help I needed.I have a long way to go before my work is done, but I no longer fear crossing the threshold into his office. I cannot thank him or his staff enough for what they did for me . I can finally say "I HAVE A DENTIST". One in whom I am very proud and want to share with anyone like me who has that fear and knows they need to do something but not sure not sure where to go. You do now. No need to wait any longer. Thank you Dr. Darvish.

David S. Martinez, CA

Finding an exceptional office is hard to find. I found Walnut Creek Dental online while trying to find a new dentist and decided to send an e-mail to see if they could squeeze me in. Within seconds I received an E-mail from Roxanne. She was very accomadating and set up my first appointment, emailed me my new patient package and I was on my way. So far they were looking good. At my first consultation I was worried about feeling like I was on a car lot with a salesman. In no way did I feel like this, they let me know what to expect, what my insurance covered and what further treatment would entail. Again, in no way did they try to "sell" me things, which is very important to me. I was relaxed and very comfortable. Upon leaving I informed Roxanne that my only availability was Wednesday mornings and when I left on my phone I received an E-mail how wonderful it was to meet me and that Roxanne herself would keep me posted if any appointments became available. A couple days later I received an E-mail informing me of an appointment. As much as I wanted to come in, I had to decline because of time constraints. Within a week, Roxanne had found me an appointment. She's like my personal assistant at my dentist and I love this feeling. At my second appointment I had Wendy for a cleaning and deep cleaning and she was superb! She talked me through the whole process and was done fairly quickly. I had to have fillings and Roxanne jumped in to see what insurance covered and let me know what my out of pocket would be. I love this office! Are you kidding me? Who doesn't want to feel like they own the place? Dr. Darvish himself completed my fillings and some minor cosmetic work on a tooth and he was more than accomadating and again very professional and sincere. He even worked standing up..how may dentist can do that. All in all I would recommend anyone here. A safe, welcoming, clean environment with a wonderful staff. I'm excited to see what happens with my Invisalign treatment, more to come!

Matthew C. Walnut Creek, CA

I would like to say that the treatment given by Dr. Darvish is very professional and first rate. His dental hygienist "Wendy" is extremely personable and very kind. Stephanie, dental assistant and receprionist Roxanne and Jayceen are the best. I am so proud that my family is serviced by Dr. Darvish and his wonderful team.

Reggie and Liz M. Walnut Creek, CA

Having grown up in a home where my teeth were not properly cared for, I had a mouthful of cavities, crowns and crooked teeth. As an adult, all I thought I could hope for was preventing additional damage to my already pitiful teeth. When my former dentist retired, and I became a patient of Dr. Darvish's, all my front teeth had the most artificial-looking crowns. The front ones were so crooked. Dr. Darvish gently inspired me that I could and should have a smile consistent with my friendly personality. First, "we" aligned my teeth through months of Invisalign braces, which were so comfortable and literally invisible. After that program was finished, he gave me the most beautiful new crowns that are the right size and color for me. Now I am no longer ashamed of my smile. All along, the staff was so supportive and encouraging and helpful with my appointments and financial arrangements. Thanks, Walnut Creek Dental: even though I now live in New Orleans, I think of y'all every day as I look in the mirror at my happy smile.

Missy M. New Orleans, LA

Dr. Darvish and his staff are very friendly. He explained my tooth problems to me succinctly and they treated me gently. I really liked this very clean and conveniently located dental office.

David W. Lafayette, CA

I would not come for this! Then why do I come, you ask? Well when I go to Dr. Darvish to get my teeth done, I expect a good job. I am always pleased. When I come in Dr. Darvish greets me nicely and asks if anything hurts, then he carefully checks for decay. He is always careful and every few minutes he asks if something is hurting. I never need to say. He also taught me good habits, like brushing for 2 minutes and flossing well. If he needs to work on my teeth, he numbs it gently so as not for it to hurt. Dr. Darvish, thank you for making my trip to the dentist office from a creepy scare house to an inviting and beneficial trip that I do not worry about one bit. I brush my teeth.

Giselle G.10 yrs old Concord, CA

My family always looks forward to going to Walnut Creek Dental. The staff is always trustworthy, professional highly knowledgeable and caring people. I recommend them to my friends and exrended family. We feel safe and fortunate to have this great dentist and his wonderful staff.

Ellie F. San Ramon, CA

I have been going to Walnut Creek Dental for most of my life, since I first moved to California in 1984. My file is very thick and a bit worn out! They have made me and my wholf family feel welcome there for many many years- the staff is caring, gentle, friendly, timely, and kind. I remember, even as a child, not feeling the typical "fear" of the dentist prevalent among children (and many adults). They are accommodating in their scheduling and never make me wait in the waiting room. I currently live in San Francisco but am willing to commute to Walnut Creek for all my dentist appointments, as I am not willing to give up the quality of care and friendly service I find at Walnut Creek Dental.

Carolina N. San Francisco, CA

In the world of going to the dentist we all know that it is not the favorite place to go, but in the case of Walnut Creek Dental, Dr. Darvish and his staff put a new spin on going to the dentist. The doctor actually listens to what his patients have to say and is interested it their views on their treatment. His is patient and explains treatment so you can understand and make an educated decision about your dental care. The staff is courteous and knowledgeable regarding insurance and go the extra mile to get you the most out of your insurance plan. Try the office, I think you will agree that it is a different experience than most of us are used too.

Neil J. Livermore, CA

I have been going to Walnut Creek Dental Group for over 20 years. When Dr. Sullivan retired and Dr. Darvishzadeh took over the practice, I was concerned that we, (my husband became a client after we married 17 years ago), may not continue to receive the same excellent care we had experienced with Dr. Sullivan. To our relief, we have received nothing short of excellent service and expertise at the hands of Dr. Darvishzadeh and his wonderful staff. Dr. Darvishzadeh (Dr. Darvish for short), even takes it upon himself to be hands on "after" he does certain procedures. He has called us numerous times during my husbands implant process to ensure that he, (my husband), is doing okay and if he had any questions. Now so more than ever, we feel that our dentist is not only our doctor, but our friend. He genuinely cares about our family and our health. You can tell that he and his staff have true compassion and that it isn't just about money. We would highly recommend his practice to anyone.

Betty and Robert S. Martinez, CA

I have been going to Walnut Creek Dental for some thirty years. I have no complaints. The office staff, the hygienist, and the dentists themselves are all extremely friendly and efficient. They make every effort to make their patients comfortable. In three decades, I don't think I've ever had to wait for my appointment. They are always on time. Highly recommended.

Carol A. Hayward CA.

Dr. Darvish and his staff are very professional and personable. I randomly chose them from different websites I had been looking on. The work I needed was more cosmetic and I was so nervous about choosing the right dentist. On my first consultation with Dr. Darvish, I was flooded with information, he loves to educate!! What I like most about Dr. is that he explaines what he is doing and why, is never rushed for time and listens to what you have to say. I still have more proceedures to go through and I feel like I'm in good hands. Even though Dr. Darvish has a cookie addiction, I would highly recommend him.

Peggy L. Concord, CA

My wife KC and I relocated to the Bay Area about eight years ago and we were in need of a new dentist. Family friends referred us to Walnut Creek Dental. We feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to know Dr. Darvish and his staff. The office has a rare combination of professionalism, care, expertise and a familial atmosphere that have always made our office visits a pleasure. We have been treated by Dr. Darvish and his team for almost a decade. During that time we've completed a wide variety of services: regular checkups and cleanings, tooth extractions and Invisalign. I cannot overemphasize how happy we have been as patients and how pleased we've been with the care provided. I'm always impressed with how much time Dr. Darvish dedicates to patient education and we have the utmost confidence in Dr. Darvish's skills. We could not imagine going anywhere else!

Dan and KC K Berkeley, CA

One Day, I had a regular cleaning appointment when Dr. Darvish introduced me to Invisalign. It sounded so simple and easy but still, I was hesitant because it was expensive. I really wanted the straight teeth and the gaps between my teeth removed so I gave it a shot. Dr. Darvish explained to me the process and seeing the clear aligners convinced me more. Now, I am almost done with the procedure, the result is awesome, my teeth look great, I am more confident and I love to smile. I am very satisfied with the result. Dr. Darvish, Thank you for the great job!

Daisy Grace M. Concord, CA

What can I say about this very professional office? Dr. Darvish just called me, on a Sunday nonetheless, just to see how my dental work is doing after my appointment last Tuesday. Just an example of the amazing character of this office. I have been coming here for two years and the Dr. and his staff have bee nothing short of amazing. It's great to visit a place where the patient truely does come first. Dr. Darvish and his staff are very attentive and listen to the patient. They take their time and do not schedule back to back clients where they rush from room to room. Lastly, their work and general knowledge of dentistry is at a higher level than other places I have visited. They even got me to floss daily! A feat I thought impossible. Going to the dentist may be stressful for some, but you know you are in good hands when you walk into this office. Good Luck!

David M. Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Dr. Darvish, Last week when I was in your office I was reminded why I don't mind coming to the dentist anymore. It is because you make it more like visiting a friend who happens to be a dentist. You always stop and visit for a few minutes about family and what is going on in our lives. My son's and husband now make time for their visit to you and do so willingly.
On this particular visit I watched two young children excited to see you and you were excited to visit with them. I thought, wow that is such a good thing that they are excited to see you. Watching these two children visiting with you reminded me that you are a very special dentist.

Maybe you are more like a family friend who happens to be a great dentist and that is why it is not a dreaded experience anymore.

Donna H. Pleasant Hill, CA

I found Dr. Darvish by chance (thankfully). My front tooth cracked and I needed it fixed that morning. Not only was Dr. Darvish able to fix my front tooth, he was able to make me feel comfortable enough to discuss fixing all of the neglected dental work I really needed. I had gone years with a terrible smile and feeling uncomfortable smiling around new people.
Dr. Darvish has always been supportive, even when I thought I couldn't handle the embarrassment, and I do feel he genuinely cares about making his patients smile look their best.
He has staffed his office with the very best. They all are great and Roxanne, who runs the front office, has held my hand through every insurance question and given me advice about what I could afford to do next. I've never had problems reaching anyone at the office or setting appointments to fit into my schedule.
I am not an easy patient, I'm sure Dr. Darvish would agree, but he has earned my trust and my business. I still have some more dental work to get done and I really couldn't imagine going anywhere else. I would definitely recommend him without a second thought.

Diane S. Oakland, CA

Walnut Creek Dental and Dr. Massood Darvishzadeh have gone above and beyond in the care and treatment of my family's dental needs. Not only have they provided excellent services with gentleness and thoroughness, but they also have always made us feel comfortable on every level. My children never dread going to the dentist now, and I also feel completely at ease whether I am going in for just a cleaning, or having work done. Thank you to the entire team at Walnut Creek Dental for your generosity, professionalism, and kindness.

Aimee T. Oakland CA

I came to Walnut Creek in 2001 from Salt Lake City. I needed to find a dentist for me and my family. The old story goes, you pick up the phone book and go with the first listing you see. What a choice in Walnut Creek Dental. The outstanding professionalism of Dr. Darvish and his staff is well beyond that of any dental service I've ever experienced. I'm getting the best dental care and on my way to attaining the ultimate smile that we all deserve. Thanks Walnut Creek Dental for your care and time.

Reggie & Liz M. Walnut Creek, CA

Even though I work here, my family comes here for their dental care. I feel you can't find a more caring and qualified staff. We go above and beyond to give you the highest quality services possible and reap your rewards by constant patient referral. What higher compliment than having others refer their friends and family. Word of mouth is such a powerful tool. We appreciate that greatly.

Roxanne D. San Ramon CA

I chose Walnut Creek Dental for my dental care when I relocated to the SF Bay area over 22 years ago and I am still a very satisfied patient. Dr. Darvish takes care to explain what services I need and the reasons why. He and everyone in his office are very friendly and they do an outstanding job of helping me maintain good dental health.

Anita B. Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Darvish and his staff, Roxanne, Wendy, Jayceen, Stephanie these folks are the best in the business. I have been a patient here for 11 years and have had several procedures performed in that time, from fillings to dental implants.
As a high tech sales professional with multi-million dollar goals to achieve every year. I know all too well about stress and the accompanying damage caused by my night time teeth grinding. In sales, creating a good first impression is key to success and that can include your smile, so an excellent dentist who can accommodate my busy schedule and solve dental problems quickly and effectively is important.
The quality of Dr. D's work and expertise in his field is something I can always count on. A total professional, he and his staff make you feel at ease. Sitting in the dentist's chair has never been so relaxing.
I continue to rely on Dr. D and would not trust my dental care to anyone else.

Julie D Walnut Creek, CA

This is the best dentist ever!! Never any pain with anything. They are all really friendly, after leaving for a while, I came back to them because I couldn't take it any more, I needed to be at that dentist. I feel like i'm part of the family when I'm at the office, call now, best dentist ever!

Danira K. Walnut Creek, CA

Dr. Darvish and his staff is no doubt the best dentist in the bay area. When I was younger, I hated the dentist that weren't nice or asked me before doing something to my teeth. With Dr. Darvish , there is never a problem. He always tells you what he is going to do, or his assistants tell you. He makes it as painless as possible and as efficient as possible. Definitely my favorite dentist!

David B. Walnut Creek, CA

He is one of the best dentists that I ever met. He knows nuts and bolts of his business and gives you different options that fit into your financial situation too, but keeps quality. In a word, he knows his job very well. I referred some of my friends to him and they were very satisfied too. His office is very warm and inviting and his staff are very professional. The former Mayor of Walnut Creek is among his patients too! If you are looking for a dentist, he is the right choice!

Mojtaba N. Davis, CA

This is a great dentist, with great staff. Dr. Darvish is very competent, patient and professional. He takes a great deal of time to fully explain all treatment options and he really listens and responds to my questions. My kids love him and have totally gotten over their fear of going to the dentist. His hygienist (Marla I believe) is really amazing. She is both gentle and through. My family has been through several dentists and we are staying with Dr. Darvish.

Lori G. Walnut Creek, CA

If you are looking for a new dentist you have to go to Dr. Darvishzadeh at Walnut Creek Dental.
Dr. Darvish (as we call him, because our kids have trouble with "Darvishzadeh") is a wonderful and extremely competent dentist.
He is patient and will take the time to really discuss and explain all your treatment options to you. I am kind of a dentist "snob" and I have been extremely impressed with his "technical" knowledge and abilities. He also is amazing with children (I have two, ages 6 and 9). I've seen him sit by the dental chair for over 10 minutes , just talking and reassuring our daughter, when she was nervous about a cavity being filled. My kids always look forward to visiting the "toybox" on the way out for a little treasure.
You will also appreciate the quality staff that Dr. Darvish has assembled. His hygienist, assistants, and front desk staff are all first rate and match him in their abilities and dedication to the patient.

Ken G. Concord, CA

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